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At healthya, we are all about supporting our healthcare partners: increasing quality of life, saving time and maximising productivity. With joint collaboration and cutting-edge technology, you can deliver effortless, tailored, and personalised digital services at the touch of a button. We are the platform for your responsive and cost-effective care model.
Our intuitive digital app empowers professionals to remotely support patients and better self-manage their needs.

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    Our Solution

    As part of our offering, we have been approved on the NHS DFOCVC Framework, as a provider of online and remote consultations. This product, like all our solutions can be tailored according to our client’s needs.

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    Register and sign-up to our app using Google Play or App Store

    Symptoms Checker

    Check your symptoms within minutes, differentiating between common issues and major problems

    Medical Records

    Patients have access to their own medical records, integrated with NHS Systems

    Flexible Consultations

    Efficient appointment booking at the click of a button. Consultations take place by phone, video or face to face

    Streamlined Processes

    No need to book an appointment for repeat prescriptions and sick notes, simply request these in the app

    Patient Accessibility

    All consultation are integrated and recorded, with notes saved for easy access in the app

    healthya Online and Video Consultation

    healthya provides accessible and responsive healthcare using cutting edge technology to deliver a comprehensive and personalised service at the touch of a button. Our solution includes a patient-centric app that provides intuitive ways to empower patients to better manage their health. Healthcare practitioners are therefore able to deliver a more responsive and cost-effective care model.

    How does it work?

    Web-based Application:

    Healthcare professionals use the web-based application to hold consultations, manage their rota’s and respond to messages & requests.

    Symptoms Check:

    Patients are empowered to better manage their health by seeking the most appropriate level of care to match their needs, checking their symptoms with a comprehensive triage tool.

    Flexible Consultations:

    Our efficient and fully integrated appointment booking system allows patients to self-book consultations by phone, video or face to face, freeing up vital admin time.

    healthya Vaccination Booking System

    healthya Vaccination Booking System is an online appointment management solution which enables healthcare professionals to manage appointments, as well as invite patients to appointments using SMS/email messages. Healthcare professionals can view which patients have had a vaccination invite sent to them or not
    The system empowers patients to manage their own appointments, therefore reducing pressures on staff to make these changes and reducing non-attendance rates.